Boarding site @ Pescallo Pier

Global Coordinates: 45°58’55.7″N 9°15’50.3″E

Map Link:

Varenna Pier

Global Coordinates: 46°00’41.8″N 9°16’57.4″E

Map Link:

Pontile Fiumelatte

Global Coordinates: 45°59’59.8″N 9°17’29.0″E

Map Link:

Menaggio Pier

Global Coordinates: 46°01’11.8″N 9°14’27.7″E

Map Link:

Tremezzo Pier

Global Coordinates: 45°59’01.2″N 9°13’37.7″E

Map Link:

Boarding sites: Bellagio - @ Pescallo Pier - Limonta, Tremezzo and Fiumelatte - Click on the spot to see the Coordinates

Bording at 9am ; from 2pm and from 5.30pm for sunset tour.

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