Excellent use of your time in Lake Como


Country: Canada

If you are a sailor or not, the experience with Bellagio Sailing is one of the best experiences in Lake Como.

My husband and I own a sailboat in Toronto, Canada and we thought we would explore sailing in Lake Como.

We sailed with Bellagio Sailing in Dama di Bellagio, a racing boat built with Mohagony and Teak.

We had the best time in our lives and felt the experience was definitely worth it. We chose a 3-hour sail.

Carlo, a seasoned sailor, acted as first-mate while my husband held the tiller and steered the boat. My husband was in heaven.

The boat was beautiful and comfortable. We were moving at 9 knots through the water.

Being on the water, watching the views from the middle of the lake, feeling the breeze against our faces, experiencing the joy of sailing and movement on the water was a highlight of our trip.

If you are a sailor or not, you will enjoy this experience. If you are a sailor, you must not miss sailing with “Bellagio Sailing“.

It is one of those things sailors must do if they are in Lake Como! Well done!!!

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